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Deputy Killed 3 Days Ago, Cops come all over to take his kid trick-or-treat

3 days before publishing this story which reminds us of the fact that humanity is still alive, a cop was murdered. 33 years old sherif’s deputy got murdered in Rusk County and police department is still investigating the circumstances which lead to some an outcome. Dan Glaze was was shot and killed at around 11pm, Saturday evening (29/10/16).

The police department said that the office was reporting of a suspicious field and asked for a backup, when backup arrived he was shot dead in his vehicle. The resident, Nitek is since then arrested to dig deeper into the case.

A cheering moment for the son of the passed officer:

The whole police department made sure that the son of the 33 years old officer doesn’t feel alone this halloween. So, they gathered and did trick-or-treating for the young kid.


Image Source: Reddit

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