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Desperate guy gets the perfect walloping at hands of his crush

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Dealing with girls is definitely a hard thing and understanding women is comparatively a rather broader subject. There are humongous amounts of memes designated to the women that specify that learning their motives is indeed a hard thing to take on impressively. One thing is for sure if you’ll be desperate for anything then for sure you are going to lose it sooner or later. Being desperate evacuates one’s common sense and for most time the real goal is long lost before the desperate motives.

Now, look at these guys, they felt like playing the nice guy card but failed in the longer run. They were in a hurry to play their card right but these girls weren’t stupid to believe their faulty pickup lines. These guys took a quick beating at hands of their crush.

The next thing to be featured is another guy who blamed auto correct for his profane remarks. According to him, it was the autocorrect which wanted the girl to get nakey!

These two practices done by two different guys reminds me of one thing, “How can a nice guy approach a woman for a long-term relationship with a possibility of earning a family and home,” the answer lies in wiki-how.

Gamers girlfriend exist and the below conversation is the living proof of this fact. We featured a story last day in which a girl had crushed her boyfriend’s Xbox controller, yes if you haven’t read it before then do click the link. This happens a lot but here we are quoting an exception, the girl plays CS.

These three are some stupid encounters, alright guys, slow down. We know that you are the pioneers of Nice Guy term but still, you need to at least strengthen your moral respect. Maybe the moral respect is too damn high that you don’t care for anything? The subtle art of not giving an eff… I see!

Loving these incidents? Well, let us embed a premium one for you, Nice guy gets an intense reply from his crush.

Wrong guess!

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