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Diners see head “bobbing up & down,” report the couple for public obscenity

Damn, how can someone dare to do such an obscene act amidst the public while sitting in a restaurant with kids? This is insane and requires a certain amount of unashamed attitude. The family sitting around the couple was shocked to see a head bobbing up and down while being directed towards the groin of the male. As soon as a diners realised the reality of the incident taking place in the restaurant they did not waste a second to report the couple to the police. So, this couple ended up behind the bars. The new year eve of the couple was spent in the jail after attempting to spice up their love life during a dinner at a family-friendly Mexican restaurant in Austin.

Jonathan Hightower, 31-year-old, and Lashands Fisher, 28-year-old, were are rested on Sunday after they were reported by the fellow diners for getting involved in an obscene activity among the children at the Bay Acapulco the night before. According to the details obtained from the police, the officers were summoned to the Mexican eatery at around 10:30 p.m. on Saturday. When the police arrived the place of the incident the couple had already left for a gas station next door. The police took a statement of various people who were present in the restaurant to enjoy the evening and according to the reports these diners testified against the couple and told the police that they were involved in a head-activity at their booth for around 5 minutes. The people all around the restaurant were really angry to report the incident because they were there with their family along with the minors. After recording the responses of the people the police obtained the video of the CCTV camera from the restaurant and it was proved that whatsoever the customers reported was true.

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The couple was arrested the very next day after it was proved that they were involved in a misdemeanour public lewdness. Whatsoever they did in the restaurant can hold them liable for a minimum punishment of 1 year and a fine of around $4,000. According to The Daily Mail, the names of the violators were not mentioned in the police record earlier Tuesday morning but later the database was updated and their names were made public.

This might be a strange news to a lot of our readers since not all of us expect something of similar nature. It is both a derogatory and obscene news in nature thus no amount of words against the activity can prove to be enough.

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