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Dissatisfied escort says she shot client because he simply ‘Wasn’t performing well’

Marissa Wallen simply attempted to make this guy free of his life because he couldn’t please her as desired. The irony that the guy had hired her for her services. The Police describe the incident as emotionless, cold and calculating.

The 21-year-old girl is accused of blasting her victim who has not been named yet. She shot the client right in the head so that he may lose his life instantly. She did so to teach him a lesson because he was not performing well in the oral part. The girl blasted the man twice and left his home along with his wallet in order to go on a shopping spree.

The girl who shot her client, Picture was taken from Marissa [email protected]

The alleged victim survived the attack miraculously. The victim had asked the escort to come to his home in Everett in the US state of Washington on 21st of October.

In the end, she said that she shot [the victim] two times in the head because he was performing oral part wrong and she did not know how to tell him that” – reads the case file to summarize the details of the incident.

The victim blamed the girl for stealing more than £9,000 because after she fled his home he got deprived of the money. The 21yo girl is believed to take the cards of the victim in an erroneous attempt to steal all his money for a shopping spree.

The cold-hearted girl

The 36yo man was rescued when his boss complained the police. As he was working from his home and his boss couldn’t bear his absentees from work. The worried boss told his concerns to the Police. Detectives appeared at his home and they found him unconscious.

I was stunned on Tuesday when the first detective came to our door. He said your neighbour was blasted twice in the head.” – reported KIRO 7 after interviewing a neighbour.

Marissa Wallen weeps as she appears on the court

She has been charged and is currently being held on $1 million bail. One of the neighbours described the incident as “I heard what sounded like two or three taps coming from the wall. It was notable because we don’t usually hear anything.

The bail amount is equal to the amount which she seeks from a regular customer in one session.

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