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Douchebag proposes ‘baby in a year’ to his crush, later says “I was trying to flirt but only as a joke”

Douchebag Alert! this guy after finding a post of a baby mom on Twitter tagged his crush and tried to pave his way of getting into her heart. Whoops! the heart might be a more sober word, I think you know where he wanted to get into.

This guy watched a video on his twitter feed, in the video, a 22-year-old girl was trying to make her baby sleep. The guy tagged his crush and said her to not worry cos she’ll be like this (be a mom) in 3 years. So he wanted to let her know that she’ll have babies in a matter of three years.

The girl replied to his comment letting him know that she was merely 21 years old. Technically, she was avoiding that 3 years argument of that 22-year-old getting pregnant as the guy had assumed her age to be 19 years. Might be the case that she tried to dumb things down!

The guy got back to her and asked, “Are you interested in getting babies in a year?” to which the girl was like, alright who doesn’t like babies. So, both continue to take sweet jabs at each other and the guy, in the end, says that he was kidding and flirting only as a joke. Now, this is funny and cringe-worthy, flirting only as a joke? HAHA, what’s this man!

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