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Dr. Phil kicks out female guest calling her melodrama for playing victim

Dr Phil has definitely covered a whole lot of people through his shows. According to him, he wants to help people by talking about their depression and anxieties. Recently he asked a female guest to leave because he believed that the girl was trying to play victim car in order to create melodrama.

I’m not into all this melodrama – says Dr Phil during the show

21yo Bailey was called into Dr Phil’s show when she said that she liked someone from Social Media. According to Bailey, she had never met her lover but the moment she saw her on Social Media, she knew that she was the one. This is quite a shocking thing in this same gender love story, Bailey has never met her lover in person.

Bailey’s mom Ericka says that she has lost her daughter, she was a fine young lady who had attained her admission on the basis of scholarship. Ericka says that her daughter’s new delusional love life has totally faded away the reality and rationalism.

Watch the interview where Dr Phil asks Bailey to leave:

The mother said that she told her daughter many times to move on and end the one-sided relationship with a total stranger she never met. The situation got scary when Bailey told her mother that she could see her lover changing and moving around furniture in her room. The daughter further added that she could talk to her love right in her mind and brain, she didn’t need to visit her in person.

Dr Phil invited the girl on the show and she accused one of the producers of lying to her about bringing her biological mother in the show. Dr Phil immediately asked the produced to come forward in order to know the reality of Bailey’s statements.

It was later found that Bailey was lying and the producer never told her anything regarding her mother’s arrival to Dr Phil’s show. There is this fact worth noting that Dr Phil refused to interview Bailey further, was it an attempt to prevent her from getting further fame? Do you believe that Dr Phil is careful to not give focus to more melodrama?

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