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Drunk woman passes racial slurs and spits at fast food worker during a BRAWL

If you are on a night out with the girls, make sure you drink in moderation. Because drinking more than you should, can get you in trouble and you will be feeling regret the next morning along with a hangover.

A video of a drunk woman went viral, in which she is seen saying all kind of racial slurs. Not only that she was spitting like a lama.

It is not apparent what her beef was with the person on the counter but she was very angry. She started calling him Israeli at the start and after that, she called her several names. She also called him the N-word and mocked him for being Arab-Algerian. Which is quite confusing.

Her opening comment was “Laa Hawla Wa Laa Quwwata Il-la Bil-Allah” which is an Arabic sentence used by Muslims all around the world to express disgust to an unholy act.

Adding that with the mockery of the person the counter by calling him Israeli, may indicate that she was being racist toward a Jew.

This happened at “Chicken Stop Sheffield Takeaway & Fast Food” which is located in “Division St, Sheffield S1 4GF, UK.”

Even if something was done wrong to her this is a really bad way to deal with it. Which is proved by the fact that her face is now spread all over the internet.

Spitting is classed as battery under the common assault category of the Criminal Justice Act 1988. It carries a maximum penalty of six months in prison. Though this offense usually comes with a fine and community order, this offender could have higher culpability since the attack appears to be racially motivated.

In the end, she also used the word “Beghairat” which is an Urdu word, it indicates that she is very likely to be a Pakistani. Her name, from what I understood through the video, is Alina.

Kudos to the guy for remaining calm and not acting out in anger. This will help him in his case.

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