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Dude catches punk stealing his truck then choke holds him on Facebook

This guy caught a dude red-handed being a stupid scumbag and then he did something about it on Facebook live. I think this one particular move made this guy one hell of a viral celebrity on the social media.

Joby the guy behind this all endeavour posted on Facebook the story which happened in reality. He wrote about walking out of the home depot to see someone trying to make off with his truck. Obviously, he couldn’t spare anyone trying to fiddle around with his, one and only, one ride. He had to do something about it.

So he went ahead and got hold of the dude and then just didn’t let him go until the cops arrived at the scene.

The caption read, “You stole the wrong truck today dude and whoever you are in the gold Tahoe with newer style chevy rims I’m coming for you to my friend…came out of Home Depot and my truck was driving down the street ran after it jumped in and wrestled this fuck while he was trying to floor it no sir not my truck…

Happy dude holding onto the guy!

The cops arrived at the scene after a short time. The dude who was trying to steal the truck got arrested.

Dude getting arrested for attempting to steal truck

That ride looks amazing after you look at those rims and the tyres brimming out. I’m pretty sure the thief had more of an emotional touch with the robbery rather than attempting it for money purpose.

Oh, btw we got the video, all thanks to the guy who captured it, made it live and then left it on Facebook, the great Joby!

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