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Dude finds craigslist ads for his lil toddler & finds a lethal weapon, asks FB to report it to Police

This dude totally lost it when he took a paint ball gun as a lethal weapon. He could believe something lethal to be into child toys category. The other side of the story matters and this dude didn’t know the fact that it was a mere paintball gun. He couldn’t think of the other side of the reality.

Craigslist ads – This random dude went to search craigslist ads. He wanted to buy toddler learning roller skates. Craigslist is a good place to catch around some good deals. The dude also wanted something similar. He wanted a good deal for his kid.

The Climax – While he was scrolling the craigslist ads, he came across something illegal. He questioned himself that how can a site like craigslist can host something illegal. He thought to report it to the Police. This was a lethal looking paintball gun. The dude didn’t know about paintball guns.

Goes to Facebook for help – Dude goes to Facebook to learn some facts and get some help. He posted the image of the craigslist ad and criticized the site for hosting something illegal. He also mentioned his mood status to be disgusted.

The drop scene – Lucky for the dude, there was some wise person in his friend’s list. He made sure that the dude learns his lesson. So he commented below the reality of the image which the dude was criticizing.

Turned out the lethal weapon was nothing more than a paintball gun!

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