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Dude goes insane on ‘engaged-crush’ after being rejected for a possible date

I think that everyone actually knows the feeling of getting rejected after thinking about the acceptance for a long time but taking no for an answer is indeed an art which must be learnt in the early stages of life. However, after passing the maturity it is quite hard for people to engulf a no from another person.

Poor dude was trying to go on a date with this crush but unfortunately, he got quite a savage reply from his crush after he decided to ask her for a date.

It might be becoming quite clear to our audience after reading the conversation that the guy is actually trying to prolong the entire dialogue with his crush in a hope to actually enter into her good books however he forgot that this is not the way things work.

In the beginning, it was quite evident that the conversation was going quite well and in the direction of the interests of guy but soon after the guy got rejected for a possible date he did freak out and started giving harsh comments to the girl.

The good part is the loyalty and maturity of the girl, at the same time she is dealing with this insane guy while keeping in mind her relationship status but on the other hand, she is also remaining cool and calm and not allowing her anger to take control of her. However the guy, on the other hand, is acting really poorly and he has lost his patience. The last series of conversation acted like the last nail in the coffin.

Damn, she’s mature!

What would have you done if you were in the place of the girl?

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