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Dude in the photograph with his alleged “Boyfriend” shows up to clear overnight LGBT Reddit fame!

The Internet is an amazing thing, now look at this dude who appears on the LGBT subreddit to clear up the air of misinformation.  User u/BallowGoob12 had posted the picture of this dude with another dude with a title. “Me and my Maltese boyfriend can FINALLY get married after 5 years together!

Turns out the information provided was wrong.

The two guys in the picture were actually brothers. The u/BallowGoob12 had played the card to give them internet fame in the LGBT subreddit. The dude in the picture himself went to the subreddit and told the others about the confusion and rumor.

Read the last comment as it seems to be correct. If you dig a little further the picture which was shared on Reddit was actually taken and uploaded on Twitter on 16th of September. The picture was reportedly taken by another friend of theirs.

The entire story comes up to this short form. Someone tried to represent two brothers as a part of LGBT community who are going to get married soon. The picture used was latest. Sometime later, the participants of the photo came to know about the picture being misused on Reddit. So, one of them comes on Reddit to clear the confusion and gives a proof of his video channel and references a video in the comment.

Well, this whole situation is awkward and too stupid to guess, that’s why it made its way to HardComedy! Keep sharing folks!

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