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Dude posts condolences for his crush’s suicide, writes it about himself being better than her boyfriend

Someone is rejected and he still carries the hate of it inside. Accepting the rejection is more like an art and only some people are blessed enough to have it inside. This guy instead of offering condolences about a deceased person has made it all about a rant. He’s a stupid guy in the veil of a nice guy.

The guy knew the girl from high school and one day he came across his news of the suicide. He thought to offer some condolences about the girl on Facebook. The guy decided to actually share his real purpose of writing the post and decided to stay dead honest about his opinions.

So, the guy shares his real purpose. He wrote that if the girl was in relation with someone who actually took care of her then this wouldn’t have happened. Someone like him would have taken better care of the girl. He also added that he tried dating her several times but got rejected always.

Imagine what a turn a post meant for condolences took and the guy started facing an online backlash.

This is the long post which we were talking about and disgusting that it was made public and that’s why we were able to get hands on it.

The public response which the guy faced shortly after publishing his status. Everyone is united in the opinion that the guy has made the entire post about himself rather than about someone who had just committed suicide. Alas!

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