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Dude shows off his perfect gaming keyboard, someone points out stupid key order & reason is funny

Went past the post of this dude showing off his perfect gaming keyboard. Someone pointed out the stupid key order and then things went quickly south and turned into a funny situation.

Gamers have proven to have some good IQ scores but again this thing is analogous to reading books or training your brain for something else. Use your muscle and it will turn into something good, the same thing applies to the brain, if you use it then it will turn into something sharp and better, and just like this dude you won’t be throwing away gauntlets like stupids.

So, basically this dude is a gamer and he posted his keyboard screenshot. The reason was to boast off his perfect keyboard. Gamers now have a tendency to get the best keyboard or mouse combination which helps them score better during the games. When I was a kid I was okay with stupid mouse and an old keyboard. I liked how simple hardware was making the whole game difficult and challenging.

So, this dude posted a picture of his keyboard and attached a warning that non-gamers aren’t allowed to look at this keyboard. Someone among his friend list actually saw the keyboard and pointed out the wrong key order.

The key order is hilariously stupid, well everyone can actually agree to that. The reason given by the gamer boy is even weirder and strange. He says that the keys actually denote the direction in a way. Like, the d stands for down, the other guy pointed out that a stands for ‘am going left’. Kind of made me laugh so hard, that I made everyone worried in my home!

Happy laughter! xD

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