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Eminem faces public backlash after leading a “F**k Donald Trump” chant during concert

The rapper is under fire for shouting the “F**k Donald Trump” phrase and making it chant all over the audience in one of his recent live performances. Eminem still doesn’t care if he’s facing a public backlash since there still are supporters of him who are praising him for doing something like he did in the concert.

This happened at the England’s Reading Festival where around 90,000 people were participating in the Eminem’s concert. Even before Donald Trump was selected as the president of the America, Eminem had cleared his feelings towards him. He was not happy to watch him stand as a candidate for the presidency.

Eminem already has conducted his anti-Trump campaign using various rap songs. He has been doing so before Trump got elected. So, it’s not shocking to watch him use Reading Festival in England to discuss the political state of the America.

I’m not about to stand up here and use this f**kin’ stage for some kind of a platform to be all political and shit, and I don’t want to cause any controversy, so I won’t say no names—but this motherf**ker Donald Trump I can’t stand! – Said Eminem in the Reading Festival

The crowd automatically began chanting “F**k Donald Trump” and Eminem instructed them to say “Trump” when he says, “F**k.”

Afterwards, he started raping “White America” a popular rap song. We at HardComedy don’t feel like welcoming such kind of hate against an elected President. The views of everyone must be respected and Eminem shouldn’t be participating in such an act.

Though, if you don’t believe us then you can watch the video yourself, he starts chanting against Trump at the 10minutes of the video. If you’re on mobile them consider sliding to 10 minutes, on the PC or tablets it’ll automatically play at 10minutes.

5 thoughts on “Eminem faces public backlash after leading a “F**k Donald Trump” chant during concert”

  1. Donald Shaffer says:

    Damn it. I love Eminem. But this time, I mean really this time, I could not agree with him more. Fuck Donald Trump.

    1. mandmSUKS says:

      assholes always have a common bond

  2. nikki champion says:

    freedom of speech pussies!

  3. Zane says:

    how is this controversial? basically everybody who is famous has been saying fuck trump.

  4. Foxman says:

    Eminem has picked on every president from Bush,to Clinton to Obama. Is it really that big of a deal or even a suprise that hes got something to say about Trump too? Id be more shocked if he had something positive to say. At least the man is consistent.

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