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Eminem finally gets declared as the greatest rapper of all the time, after his anti-Trump Rap!

Eminem is back to back in the news and it seems that he isn’t going to get off the news sooner. Rapping is like an art, it requires both the rhythm and a copious vocabulary. Definitely, the rap is the new form of art which has earned billions of fans worldwide.

Recently, Bhad Bhabie also tried with her new rap song which was liked and disliked by masses and it failed to earn much long-lasting respect. Selecting the best rappers isn’t an easy job so the ranker leaves it on the public to select their own best rapper among the rest.

Ranker has released its new list of the best rappers of all the time. Surprisingly, people love Eminem which I realised shortly after having a look at the list. Eminem was sitting on the number 1 of the list which makes him the best rapper of all the time.

Eminem had recently released his anti-trump rap video which surely means became popular after this new ranking list. Eminem is back in the news after a long time and looks like he’s about to see another major up in his career.

Eminem’s second major record, “The Marshall Mathers LP” is reportedly taken as one of the best hip-hop albums of all the time. It’s worth mentioning that the same record was the fastest selling album in the entire US history. Eminem has also swathes of trending videos on the Youtube, each year.

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