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‘Angry Woman’ sets her boyfriend’s car on FIRE as a lesson for CHEATING

A woman got so angry because at her boyfriend for cheating on her that she set his car on fire.

She initially tried breaking the window of the car with the help of a rock, she hit the window several times but was not able to penetrate it.

It appears like the car was bulletproofed. So she resorted to a more violent revenge and put his car on fire. Why can’t people just let go, and also be more selective about the people they get involved with?

In addition to risking going jail, destroying the car of a man who needs bulletproof glass might not be the best idea. No wonder he is cheating on a nut job like her.

Cheating is not a crime and most certainly does not gives her a free pass to commit a crime.

Maybe she does not know but arson is a felony and she will get her time in jail.

People who were witnessing this stood there in shock, thinking what kind of human being could be such stupid.

If anyone has that kind of nut job as a girlfriend, I would be surprised if they did not cheat.

Why can’t people be a little bit mature and not act out on their emotions? I don’t know what has happened between the two other than the fact the guy cheated on her, but nothing excuses this kind of behavior.

One wrong does not make another wrong right.

She most certainly put herself in trouble and will now have to deal with the consequences, she gave into her anger and now she will pay.

The location and the woman both are not known as of this point.

The firemen rushed to put out the fire as it was a hazard that could have possibly harmed someone.

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