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Ex-chipotle manager falsely accused of stealing $626, gets $8 million in compensation

Chipotle, a fast food chain restaurant, has received an order from a court to pay a former employee a sum of $8 million in damages for unlawfully terminating her. Which the chain is intending to appeal in a higher forum of appeal.

Jeanette Ortiz was fired by Chipotle Mexican Grill after they claimed catching her red-handed stealing $626 from a safe on a CCTV footage. The restaurant is located in Fresno, California.

Upon her firing she demanded to be shown the video footage of the alleged stealing, to which the bosses told her that the recording had been destroyed.

She took her case to the court by filling a lawsuit for unlawful termination, and the case was decreed last week in her favor; the court ordered the fast food chain to give her $7.97 million as compensation for her damages.

The court found that Ms. Ortiz was defamed by a proper scheme, it was done intentionally to influence her filing of worker’s compensation claim for a job-related injury on her right wrist.

According to her lawyer Paboojian, ‘Ortiz filed her worker’s compensation claim, her boss instructed her to minimize her injury to the doctor so she could return to work. Ortiz refused to falsely report her injuries to her doctor and took medical leave, causing her to get terminated.’

The spokesperson of the fast food chain was reached for a comment on the jury’s order on Sunday but she declined. However, a statement has been issued by Chipotle stating their intentions of appealing against the decision and also showed ‘disappointment’ with the ruling.

The jury took four hours of long and careful consideration before a verdict was reached. The verdict stated $6 million were awarded for the emotional distress caused to Ms. Ortiz because of the unlawful termination and a sum of $1.97 million for lost wages.

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