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Ex tries to get her child support raised from 2800/mo to 20k/mo to support lavish living

Rick Ross ex in a series of cases against him had tried to get a raise in the 2800 monthly child support in the name of her child. She had brought up the issue to the court while appealing that the child support must be somewhere around 20k a month. She believed that their child needed more money to prop the lavish lifestyle.

Rick Ross following his recent health scare needs to score a win in the family court against his baby mama’s child support suit. Ross has already missed a hearing in Florida for the child support case as he was hospitalized due to a heart problem.

According to the case developments, the mama is trying to hit hard for sake of getting a raise in the name of child support. The lawyer of his ex is continuing to hit him up for money.  BOSSIP has obtained the court documents:

Kemp had sued Ross in 2007 over paternity and child support for their son, later in 2013 she hit him up again through the court; only to sue Ross next time in 2015. She later asked the court that she deserved a raise in child support from $2,800 to $20,000 since their baby was used to live in grandiose luxury. The suit had put allegations against Kemp including the emotional abandonment of their son.

Kemp had asked for a raise because she alleged that the income of Ross had increased exponentially. Ross, on the other hand, denied the claims of income increment and rebuffed any claims put forward through the legal channel.  The judge apparently agreed with Ross and closed the claim against him which could have caused a monthly recurring hefty charge of $20,000 under the umbrella of child support.

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