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Extreme Hoarders – Meet the lady who hoards poop & literally lives with tons of it

Hoarders are the people that become so obsessed with some idea that they start to surround themselves with it, they start piling up their beloved object so much that it gets to an extremely unhealthy level. A lot of something can be dangerous and these hoarders are the exact definition of the same thing.

Multiple TV shows have already featured holders in their programs and the audience came to know about the insanity which normal people lack, present in these people. A lot of people will argue about the fact that these people are not in their senses but who knows? We can all interview them and share them with you and leave it up on everyone to decide.

Shanna Hoards is the famous lady who got interviewed and covered by a lot of channels. These channels published her story which both brought the cringe and excitement to the audience. The audience was appalled by the fact that how can someone gather her own Poop and store it in the house.

The lady was even fine eating her contaminated food in the contaminated bowl. If you watch the video of an interview and have a look at her house then surely you will never be able to eat without puking first in her house. In the video the lady can be seen taking the bucket where she empties her Poop and then saying that it was reminiscent of her mother as she also used the same bowl to transport her faeces. Well, it is quite awkward because the only things which I remember about my grandmother are the good ones.

Watch her exclusive video below and let us know in comments that what do you think about this lady?

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