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Father sends his girlfriend picture in a group chat with kids & handles situation inappropriately

Parents are often found to be not being much friendly with their children and that is often thought to be adding some communication gap between them and the kids. However often it is found that too much of loose conversation with the kids can lead to the exact opposite of the conversational gap in the shape of an unethical outcome, the kids may get spoilt. So the magic is to keep things in a balance just to prevent them from falling apart.

Often we make chatting groups with our kids in order to remain updated about their activities and talk to them on regular basis. This guy also made a chat group and added his children to it, however, one day he accidentally sent the picture of a woman into this group. The group included a grown-up male kid get along with two minor girls. So the kids got inquisitive about the picture of a girl in their combined inbox.

One of them asked about the identity of the girl and her relationship with the dad. The father, on the other hand, didn’t care much and he replied inappropriately in the funniest way to the entire conversation and answered The curiosity of the kids.

The grown-up kid took the screenshot of the conversation and uploaded it on the internet. The folks of the internet found it quite humorous and funny but at the same time, they also thought it to be an inappropriate way to talk to one’s kids.

The chat!

The comments which this screengrab of the conversation earned were even more inappropriate and people were quite okay having fun with the conversation in one way or the other.


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