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Feminist happily shares children raising controversial signs & internet is outraged!

Anything shared on the internet can either get buried in the deep abyss of updates or it can rise to the top to make into the viral updates of the year. Now people might not like to watch the controversial stuff, in fact, a lot of people start to report anything near to controversial, but still its a worth nothing fact that the same controversial thing happens to be the most shared on the internet. People often forget that the internet is a mean of sharing the updates and these updates can be about any happening, so these are the people that actually form the very basis of a society and when news websites report about these societal happenings then people start to feel awkward.

In the same manner, we are trying to report this cringe but it doesn’t make us a part of it because we don’t endorse it through any means. There is this feminism support account on the social media which shares some eerie slogans carried by the children. Now, this can’t be justified with any argument because children getting involved in both politics or controversial stuff isn’t a right thing.

The group shared a cringe-worthy sign!

The above sign bashes Trump and a kid can be seen photographed with it. The story doesn’t end here, the same account uploaded a lot of other kids carrying out the signs, some can be controversial while others can prove to be a somewhat positive message.

The slogan raising against Trump Wall!

The comments left below these images were of varied nature. People were least concerned about these kids but were more concerned about the parents. They wrote that watching these kids being raised up like this is totally heart wrenching.

Boys will be Boys!

Now, some of these can be taken as a positive message but still, these kids must be taken into account and should be given a proper teaching on the right kind of thinking, I don’t think that it’s right to lambaste a president.

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