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Feminist who wants little boy to kill himself for being a snowflake faces backlash

Damn, there are so many strange people in this world and this girl is surely one of those strange people speaking against the little-bullied kid, Keaton Jones. The same kid who got famous for the video which was shot by his mom where he described the atrocities of the bullies carried out against him back at his school.

Keaton Jones, the kid in the video instantly went viral after it got uploaded on the internet. A lot of celebrities and athletes tweeted in the favour of the kid to show support. Later, some controversial pictures of his mom got revealed with the Confederate flag.

As we all know that the internet quickly jumps to the conclusions, same happened with this kid’s mom. Internet was too quick to make judgements and then there happened to be a feminist on the twitter who started making into the viral headlines along with Keaton Jones. This feminist made some controversial tweets regarding the boy which weren’t welcomed by the Twitter users. There were some people who actually supported this girl making weirdo comments against the bullied kid, but still, a large portion of the people was not happy.

The girl took a picture of the kid with another user’s comment about him and reposted the screenshot with a more controversial opinion. She even included the pictures of the other kid along with Keaton Jones holding the Confederate flag.

The girl wants the kid to take a li’l peep in himself, well this is totally awkward. Not liking someone doesn’t mean that the person shouldn’t exist anymore in the world, there are better options, she can ignore the kid totally.

These awkward exchange of comments and tweets happened at the thread she started and in an attempt to justify her way of thinking she started to give more arguments. Definitely, there were people who supported her but there were also those who thought it was pure cringe.

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