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Feminists are bashing Stephen Hawking over his DEATH

Just when everyone was feeling really bad at the death of the genius, Stephen Hawking, there was a group of people on the social media who disliked the guy. People might wonder that who can dislike Stephen Hawking after all his discoveries and hard work to let humanity know about the physics. The guy has been featured in a movie and his life story is a lesson to the millions that despite all the disabilities a person can achieve anything of his want.

Now getting back to the topic, there is this group of humans whose identities have been blurred out of the image just for sake of their security. We don’t want that people start mentioning these people on the social media and direct their guns of hateful speech towards them. We need peace, so that’s why we are blurring out the usernames.

So, this group of people on Social Media thinks that Stephen Hawking did great to the humans but still he wasn’t good for women. Someone mentioned that it’s not to bash out someone just because he said, “Women are the greatest mystery in the world.” These feminists blamed that Stephen Hawking disliked women more than anything. They gave him the name, “misogynist.”

This is wrong, the guy actually did a lot and despite the debilitating illness he kept on fighting with all the odds. These people must learn a lesson from him, patience, and should apply it to themselves. Even if he said something different, that must not be dealt with prejudice. Stephen Hawking left us on March 14, 2018. He’ll still remain alive among us due to his groundbreaking research which is going to be of use in different fields.

As Stephen Hawking said, “The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge.

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