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Firefighter who says, “It’s better to save a dog than a million black people” gets suspended

A firefighter has been suspended on grounds of racism and hate-speech. The guy was allegedly involved in suggesting saving a dog than humans, more specifically black people.

Tyler Roysdon, a 20-year-old guy belonging to Franklin Township, Ohio made some racist comments on social media and started facing an online backlash. Screenshots have been shared by TheIndependent. Fire Chief has suspended Mr. Roysdon without pay and a disciplinary hearing is also pending. The case will be heard on 27th of September. There is a good policy of department which allows a closed-door hearing to share evidence and eyewitness. The comments made by the employee were not part of an acceptable behaviour of a township employee. The fire chief had similar opinions and he asked Roysdon to remove the post immediately.

The correct words used by the Roysdon were, “That’s because one dog is more important than a million n****s.

The board which is in power to give employment to anyone in fire department says that it’s not right to bring in a race in such a way, anywhere in any manner. Trustee President Brian Morris told WHIO ,”I want people to realise this is only one man’s comment. We have a great group of men and disgusting comments from one individual does not represent the entire fire department.

A woman who claimed to be the wife of Mr. Roysdon said on Facebook that her husband had apologized for his stupid comment. This was reported on Fox 19. Everyone deserves a second chance and is also entitled to their own opinion, said the wife.

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