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Flat Earther dad wants to indoctrinate his son’s 9-year-old friend

Believing in alternate media is a good thing, but choosing something to believe beyond reality and beyond any possible explanation of any sort is a little strange. Dreaming has caused the science to expand, however, the concerned expansion came as a result of strong proofs and practical research. Arguments such as flat earth and believing in conspiracies is just plain strange which can not be explained.

A post shared by a dad on Facebook gained momentum, as he wrote that he called out his son to invite his friend so that he may explain to him that how flat earth operated. Now, this seems a pretty strange, indoctrinating a young kid and asking one’s son to believe in conspiracies is a different sort of stuff which is worthy to be published. The world should know the conspiracy believes still exist and they are pretty ready to make the world believe in anything.

Definitely, this is one strange piece of post. Despite everything, the concerned dad decided to believe in flat earth. Obviously, he could have believed in a sea monster, as the residents of the new world back in 1800 claimed to have witnessed a few. The Sun at that time also gained pretty much importance because of publishing self-created fictional stories with a little spice, as most people want to read that stuff. Above and beyond, the dad decided to believe in flat earth.

Why believing in flat earth is so stupid? The answer is plain and simple, with the world having CBMs, rockets, satellites and SpaceX, deciding to travel to space. Some residents still believe in something which has so many odds against it, like flat earth? Even a one year kid can prove against the argument. I’m sure the person who wrote this post uses Google Maps and street view in his daily commute. Those GPS satellites with current angles are not going to work without earth being round.

It’s strange that how he chose a 9-year-old, because he has a chance to win the argument in this case only. It’s funny in many ways. Come on, just make this dad a little more famous, 312 comments are not enough. The fun and humour should pass on.

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