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Florida Girl gets mouthy and hits the ‘Cop’ in Junk

Girl Don’t! Just don’t do such a stupidity with a cop because these people are well trained to fight for the sovereignty of the country and the law. The courts are responsible for implementing the law and the police are responsible for protecting it on the streets.

The incident happened somewhere in Florida as the exact details of the bizarre fight are not available at the moment. The cop and the girl can be seen talking to someone at the receptionist counter. According to resources, the girl went mouthy with the cop and she started using awkward language. The audible version of the video couldn’t be obtained.

Things went bad from this moment

Amidst the argument, the girl stood up and started hitting the cop. She then didn’t resist for a second before launching an attack at the physical sensitive part of the cop. We are not sure that what aroused the girl but definitely it must have been something regarding the place where both of these two are seen standings.

People posted their own analysis beneath the video, “Men know what it feels like to be punched. That fear keeps each one of us in check every day at work and in line at the bank. Women do NOT have this concept whatsoever, so to them they live life in public without the “what if he punches me if I do that?” thought that is in the back of every man’s mind. It’s one of the reasons you will so often see women be soooo unnecessarily nasty or making openly rude passive aggressive comments, because you are in a safe zone bubble.” – posted a guy in comments of the video talking against the punch of the girl launched towards the police officer.

Enough of the comments, you can watch the video yourself.

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