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Florida man arrested for getting involved in a consensual intimate physical relationship with daughter

This is a messed up situation and you are going to have mixed feelings of both hate and disgust as you’ll continue to read further. Reader discretion is required if reading such a bold content is not well suited. A man and his teenage daughter have been arrested in Florida after police caught them committing adultery in the backyard of their shared house.

Justin Bunn, 39, and Taylor Bunn, 19, were arrested on charges of unlawful fornication in Panama City at 11am. The physical encounter between the two took place on February 18. A witness had earlier reported the incident to the police who had seen the father-daughter duo getting involved in a lascivious adult act in the backyard of their house. The house is located at 2900 block of East 5th Court in Panama City.

<blockquote>Mr Bunn told the police that he was involved in some consensual act with his grown-up daughter. He claimed that it was an ‘isolation incident’.</blockquote>

According to the document, Ms Bunn accepted having a consensual relationship with her own father. The judge has set bonds for the father and daughter at $5000 and $1000, respectively. The court has ordered the two to not have any contact with each other in the future.

The story is indeed incessant and it shows the wrong state of affairs which are going to prevail in the near future. As a nation, such disgusting acts must be condemned because these are dangerous and not in favour of our strong cultural values. The picture above has been taken from the Google Maps and is almost near the same place in Panama City, Florida where this all took place.

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