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Florida woman arrested for assaulting boyfriend over ‘adult-toys and laptop’

This graduate from North Carolina School of the Arts has been charged with dating violence charge after an altercation with her boyfriend over laptop and adult-toys. According to the rest report, Lindsay Lindsay Hensley Clark, a 31-year-old woman hit her boyfriend in the face during a dispute which happened at late night inside her apartment in Palm Harbor, a Tampa suburb.

Police reported that during a fight over a laptop and adult toys the female got angry enough to hit her boyfriend and before that, both of them got into a violent verbal argument. During the investigation, the woman named Lindsay admitted to slapping her boyfriend and assaulting him as she got upset over a statement of her boyfriend Chad. The rest report does not give the details of what Chad had said to her girlfriend (Lindsay) nor it gives any further information.

She was arrested on a misdemeanour dating violence charge and after getting arrested she was kept in custody of police for 12 hours and then she was released on her own recognizance. The judge, later on, allowed her to maintain contact with her boyfriend after she pleaded not guilty to the battery charge.


She is the owner of Tampa Bay Ballet which is a ballet school and a non-profit theatre in Florida and apparently, she has quite a lot of interest in dance.

Note: The images of her are gathered from Facebook and are authentic, the left image isn't her mugshot but a normal side picture presented with a scale background.

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