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Former Olympic Diver faces a surprise proposal in Venice, & couple photos set the internet on Fire

You must have proposed someone in your life time, but this is something different. It was a surprise proposal, more over it had a potential to go viral and then it started getting a negative response from the people. Well, a former Olympic diver, Jimmy Sjodin, just got proposed by Body Builder Patrick Huber.

The situation was awkward, but Sjodin said yes to his German Boyfriend. This happened in the magical city, Venice. The former Olympic player got surprised by the ring and all of a sudden proposal. Their photos of the encounter and the proposal are getting viral on the internet.

The body builder went to Sjodin home and didn’t tell him about the destination of their departure. He kept everything secret and Sjodin didn’t see it coming. They left on the car from Munich in July. Patrick had arranged a secret photographer to capture all the beautiful moments. The Flytographer took the secret pictures. They eventually reached Venice, Italy where all the magic had to happen.

The pair eventually set off for a romantic ride and at that time Patrick knew his agenda. He proposed the Sjodin and the proposal got accepted. The couple is now set to marry in Germany. They are going to marry on May 28th, 2018.

Image credits: Flytographer

2 thoughts on “Former Olympic Diver faces a surprise proposal in Venice, & couple photos set the internet on Fire”

  1. scott Sizar says:

    Congrats to the happy couple! May your marriage bring you the happiest times and most love in your lives!

  2. Gerard Du Plooy says:

    It’s absolutely great to see these guys living and doing what is right for them. Congratulations on your engagement! I wish you well in your future life together.
    Ignore negative feedback. It’s your life & what you do is nobody’s business…??

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