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Genius gamer livestreamed pay-per-view fight by pretending to play ‘UFC 3’

This guy is totally genius after he live-streamed the pay per view Saturday night’s UFC event with an ingenious and slightly illegal move. This guy who is an avid gamer actually pretended to be playing UFC 3 meanwhile a live event was being broadcast on a streaming account through some internet stream service.

The goal was to provide free streaming service to the viewers while also staying off the radar of UFC. Well, this is quite genius but not until police track down this guy and knocks at his door.

Twitch user AJ Lester and his followers from all around the world watched UFC 218 by using internet streaming service called Liveraise and this all happened without even raising a single red-flag to the original sponsors of the event along with to UFC. The trick skipped the detection part of the streaming service, which could have found the copyright issues, by putting the guy’s face on the bottom right side of the screen while pretending to be playing UFC 3. This way the artificial intelligence detectors must have been fooled into thinking it something else like some guy playing a video game and streaming it to his fans.

The entire video has been removed from Twitter

Right now we do not have any mirrors of his entire stream because of the copyright issues but definitely, we could find a small portion of him pretending to be a gamer and that we sure will play for you to enjoy.

The dude’s acting was top quality and his expressions with the use of controller were just amazing. He gave equivalent expressions of actually controlling the players in the game while that was not the case.

Lester has an absolutely hilarious reaction to Francis Ngannou’s first-round knockout of veteran heavyweight Alistair Overeem.” – reported maxim.

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