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Ghetto-chick ‘allegedly’ jumped by 3 dudes for disrespecting black culture

The internet wasn’t already happy with the claims of this girl and now in a recent news, some vile thugs have beaten up the girl. She released a video showing bruises on her legs and body. It was only a matter of time in case of this girl for someone to take a notice of her claims of being a black person.

In past, we have shared the video of this girl in which she claimed to be a black person. Social Media has given an outlet to underage people through which they can share their opinions. Woahvicky did exactly the same and the internet didn’t take her claims positively. It was quite clear that she was making up her accent and declaring herself a black person just for sake of fame, according to the opinions of various internet users.

Some people didn’t like her claims and they decided to teach her a lesson. A group of men attacked Woah Vicky yesterday and they claimed that she was ‘disrespecting black culture.

You might think that this can be a made up story just to gain more attention and fame. Well, I can’t decide, my only job is to report the recent happenings, I’ll leave that for you to decide.

Woah Vicky in a happy mood!

The girl didn’t waste time and uploaded a response video giving comments on the incident. According to her, she was jumped by the men when she was along with her two other friends. After the incident, she called the police and now the authorities are investigating the reality of the claims.

In the above video, she is reporting to the police. Later she went on Instagram live, sharing the entire story while shoed off her bruises.

In one of the other videos she has done the same with other people and we think that Karma returned her the favour to pay back for her past activities, but again who knows!

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