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Ghetto Chick calls out ‘Cash me Outside’ girl, claims she is Fake ASF

A new internet sensation is rising to claim her place beside “Cash me outside” girl. This girl has already gotten the label of a ghetto chick and you can’t think about her next big boom on the internet. She’s slowly walking up the ladder of success and fame.

The girl became known to people when big meme pages on Facebook and Instagram started sharing her video where she claimed to be black rather than being a white. She tries to make a weird accent just to amuse the viewers. In the video, she can be seen telling the viewers that she matched herself on only to find that she was 25% black.

You can watch her video below where she says that she didn’t believe her mom telling her she’s a white.

Well, now you know what we’re handling here, absolutely something awkward and different in nature but quite similar to cash me outside girl.

Now, this girl recently mentioned the Cash me Outside girl in one of her videos. She called her to be Fake ASF. She even abused her during the video claiming her to be fake in every aspect.

Girl known as Vicky posts on her Instagram another video claiming she’s black

The girl might be playing some publicity stunt and we’ll know that it’s the easiest way to climb the fame ladder in this modern age of the internet.

Warning NSFW language used in the video:

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