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Ghetto-chick goes off on White man for saying she’s not Afro-American

This thing is surely going out of control, recently we posted the video of Woah Vicky claiming to be jumped by dudes because they took her as a disgrace to the black community. But, this new video actually shows that Woah Vicky also does the same with anyone giving negative remarks.

The girl specially recorded this video where she can be seen somewhere partying among the dudes when suddenly a dude told her that her claims of being African-American were all lame. The girl took the comments seriously and started a rant about it which soon transformed into a physical quarrel.

She started filming herself to document a way to teach people who don’t accept her claims of being a black-person. A friend accompanied Woah Vicky, he can be seen braiding her hairs. He tried to stop her after she started a fight by slapping a white dude who was somehow having some back rubbing. The entire environment of the room is quite absurd which can be clearly seen in the video.

Amidst the video, it feels as if this is all staged and scripted to gain more popularity, however, this can be the other way too. I’ll leave that to you to decide. The guy fighting off Woah Vicky actually picked up a chair and slammed it onto Vicky.

She later released another response video, where she calls the guy a cute little-white-boy. She claimed in the video that he wanted to take away her culture which she couldn’t allow to happen, it felt like the girl was talking about some values and culture.

In the end of the video, you can see the alleged recent incident where Woah Vicky got hit by some dudes. Apparently, she claims herself to be African-American and to most people, it looks like some joke which is meant to mock the black-people.

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