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Ghetto chick provides more trashy proof that she’s ‘Black’ from inside

I don’t know why this girl wants to prove herself black. This ghetto chick had already made headlines after releasing her first video where she claimed herself to be black. After that day she provided 2 more evidence which was stupid in nature the first one was a screenshot of the ancestry website which proved her to 44% black and the girl became quite excited to share it online. Some sources even say that the picture of the ancestry website was fake and the previously released results were different. There is a website on the internet which released the pictures of his white parents.

A lot of other guys will accuse us of making her more famous but trust us she is getting millions of views even without us and we cannot resist sharing some cringe-worthy video. The Internet is currently hating the girl for being so stupid.

So she released the video with stupid accent claiming a lot of things. The video got shared on a lot of viral websites and she already got a hell of views. We don’t know what this girl wants but we’re sure that she is walking in the footsteps of Danielle Bregoli. This girl is inch by inch getting into mainstream media and is only one step away from getting called into some famous show. Just like Danielle, she will then start to cash her famous branded outlook.

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She claims that her accent is quite natural but it’s worth mentioning that none of the people in his home speaks like her. It is probably the case that she’s making this all up.

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