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Ghetto chick roasts everyone picking on her for being thin & non-black

Woah Vicky is once again making into headlines after she released another video roasting everyone picking on her for being non-Afro-American and thin. She even showed her pictures from childhood and told everyone that she was no more insecure after growing up. She called herself a big bad girl who doesn’t care for anything in her life.

She even showed her bottom in the video letting everyone know that she now has a thick body as compared to her past which makes her more confident and beautiful. Her unusual accent accompanied her in the video and the viewers could barely make any sense out of her arguments but one thing is quite clear that despite her outbursts not making any sense, she still made into the viral headlines.

Comparing her childhood in photos!

The people in the comments beneath the video made the usual hate comments, but there was an unusual guy who tried to leave some sense to this kid. He called Woah Vicky a kid who had a long way to learn things and life. He believed that she could make her better with more education and self-realisation.  This was the only guy who believed in this girl and thought that with time she could heal herself from the dangers of posing to be someone else, like calling herself an Afro-American.

Do watch her video where she roasts everyone for calling her thin, she gets back at them by letting them know that she doesn’t care for the opinions of other people.

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