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Ghetto chick who claimed to be black has white rich parents revealed

I think that we all remember this girl who released her first video on the Instagram and started getting a lot of attention from the internet. So this girl in the very beginning claimed about being a black person and after the online communities made fun of her claims then she provided the proof of being 46% black and that was reported by Daily Mail in a separate news article which got viral, later on, on the social media. The thing is this that recently one of the blogs named MTO news dug up deep beneath the girl and actually found her alleged parents who are believed to be white.

It is believed that her parents are quite rich and the general opinion floating around about the girl is that she is trying to gain quite a lot of attention in order to become a social media celebrity while walking on the footsteps of Danielle Bregoli (The cash me outside girl).

There might be a lot of people on our Facebook community who might curse for featuring her in the post but it is our duty at Hard Comedy to report almost every stupid stuff going on around, even the last thing which might be on your agenda having trash appearance would be found on this blog.

Alleged Mother of Woah Vicky (Name of Vicky, Victoria)

The above is the alleged mother of the Woah Vicky and her original name was found to be as Victoria, short vicky.

[WoahVicky’s father appears to own] a Marietta-based homebuilding company called Marvin Waldrip Realty – Homes by Steve Waldrip. . . A search for ‘Steve Waldrip’ on Facebook led us to one of his personal pages. Looking through his page, we found the two images above. Not only is there a striking resemblance between Steve Waldrip’s daughter and WoahhVicky, but her name is Victoria too.

If that was not already enough to confirm our suspicions, we found Victoria’s real profile [and] she left on one of the photos on her father’s page.

So, who is Steve Waldrip? According to the biography on his company’s website, he’s a successful home building entrepreneur who founded his business in 1986, following in the footsteps of his father, Marvin Waldrip, who also owns his own homebuilding business. Coming from this type of background, it is extremely unlikely that Vicky knows what living in poverty feels like.

This is a photo of Vicky’s mom. Neither her mom or her dad look half-Black, so the alleged ‘Black’ ancestry ought to be considered a lie. Wrote MTO News

Below are the two contradictory posts which Vicky made on the Facebook.

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