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Ghetto Girl who once proved her black, now gets a face tattoo to prove herself a “Thug”

To prove yourself a thug, get a face tattoo, that is the mantra of this ghetto girl. The same girl some months back proved herself to be a part of African American community. She claimed to have a check on her ancestry record which found him around 40% black.

Definitely, the girl is walking on the pattern of “Cash me Ousside” girl but her way of seeking attention is different. The girl has many good things to deliver but her accent definitely isn’t one of those, she has a cringe-worthy accent of speaking. The first video which this ghetto girl called Woahvicky released was all about herself proving to be a gangster. She has some addiction to gangster and thug stuff.

This time she took another step, getting a tattoo. Yes, she got a tattoo on her forehead just to prove herself a real thug.


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This is awkward that she has to do stuff just to prove a part of her personality. I mean, we aren’t entitled to prove something about our own self to the world.

The Social Media has provided a good outlet to content creators but sometimes the content doesn’t live up to the community standards, now I don’t know in which category you are going to rank this Ghetto Girl but definitely she has got the confidence to slay people. She has an Instagram where is posts regular stupid stuff.

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