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‘Ghetto McDonalds’ is going viral & people are blasting it for ‘Health Codes’

This is what happens when a manager has completely given up, a video of a McDonald’s outlet is going viral for last 24 hours which slows the derelict situation of the floor and the tables. There can be people seen, eating amidst the pandemonium which has happened to the entire place.

The video has on YouTube by a user “SKYBRITE” and the place of this McDonald’s outlet isn’t yet known, the video doesn’t describe any particular location. In fact, the video seems to be quite erratically shot as if someone was in a hurry to show the current state of affairs at McDonald’s. Obviously, not every outlet of McDonald’s is like this particular one and definitely, it’s the fault of the customers who often get high enough to trash the entire place.

The worse part is that there are people in the outlet who are still eating as if nothing has happened to the place. Is this some kind of staged drama? Is this an attempt to let down this particular McDonald’s outlet? Well, such questions can’t be answered even after a meticulous and pedantic review of the video is done several times in a row.

Obviously, it looks like that the management of the place has completely given up for some reasons. Otherwise, cleaning such a mess required only a few minutes. The coke can be seen spilt all over the floor accompanied by its fellow servings like fries, icecreams and burger packets.

Watch the video below, which is definitely short but it shows the true reality of this particular incident happened to some outlet of McDonalds.

Got the feeling this was the aftermath of a group that ransacked the place.” – wrote MagusFyre

Yet people still continued to pay money to eat that poison surrounded by trash.” – wrote another user beneath the video showing his angry side of personality. “This is what every McDonald’s looks like after like 1am from what I’ve experienced. Drunk college kids and trash,” – another person added his experience.

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