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Ghetto Woman makes online threats to kill all white people and police in a trashy video!

A new video of a woman has emerged online on the YouTube where she threatens all the white people. This video can be graded as all trashy and total cringeworthy.

The police of Atlanta Georgia Clayton County are currently investigating the threats which were made by a woman in the videos posted on the Internet. According to the Internet sources, the woman is reported to be living inside a mile or half from Clayton County police station. The woman has used profanity and hate for white people in the video.

Latausha Nedd calls for a war against the white people and also advocates shooting all the police officers. Now if insanity had a face then it would be similar to this situation.

The police ultimately tracked down the women and arrested on charges of threatening the general public and the officers.

The woman accused of hate crime arrested

When the police reached the women’s house the media had already been reported and a lot of photographers from different new sources were present there ready to capture the moment.

The thumbnail of the controversial video

The woman in the video waived off a Machete and a gun threatening to kill all the white people and the offices. The woman after getting arrested neglected all of the accusations against her and told that she never said anything like threatening the people. The police acted against the women after receiving an anonymous step with the links of the videos which she uploaded on the YouTube and expressed her head against the white people.

The video below contains her clips where she threatened people and police officers. The police got alarmed because of the extreme language and threats which the woman posed on the youtube.

Might she be only seeking attention? But who knows!

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