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Girl accidentally gets added to ‘Soccer Mom Group’ chat & then she can’t stop trolling all the parents

An accidental opportunity happened for this girl and she decided to take benefit of it along the way. It turned out to be a very wise decision as now the girl is in the trending ranks of the internet. She accidentally got added to a “Parents Soccer Group” where everyone was having a chat concerned for their kids. The girl decided to troll the entire community and she did it in a hilarious way.

So, Christi Rantis Lally gets added in a chat group accidentally. She didn’t raise her voice for adding the wrong person into a wrong group. Instead, she decided to play the game and started to act like one of the mothers of the soccer team players. Some days later so posted the entire story with screenshots on Facebook, letting everyone know about her prank. She claimed herself to be a horrible person for trolling all the parents of a kids soccer team and Coach Juan. (The coach of the team was also in the group chat.)

Pretty much long conversation. Well, the arguments left by the girl who decided to act like a mom surely made some people in the group angry. Then the diversion of the context to the snacks was a hilarious step which confused everyone in the group.

Then declaring her kid to be the best, a non-existent kid can be best, yes, this is true, as no one is perfect, actually made all the parents concerned about their own kids. One of the parents actually tried teaching her a lesson but still, she was not one of those who give up easily.

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