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Girl applies bleach & dies her hair just to get rid of lice & nits, while boyfriend doesn’t need a “perscraption”

There are people who are meant to make your eyes cringe. This particular post is targetted to a couple which has crossed the sane line of action. You must admit that there are people among your friends who like to fire some lame jokes and then there are people which make you feel cringe. Despite your every try to remain people-neutral, you end up pushing away such people. Stuck in an argument with them? Oh, close that argument immediately, ‘your first line of action, while getting in a conversation with such people accidentally.‘ I can quote numerous incidents from my own college, school and university life.

Anyway, for one more time, you need to cherish this girl who brought up a case of using bleach on her hair just to get rid of those lice and nits. She didn’t just stop there, instead, she preferred to die her hair as well, thinking it a proper treatment to remove all the lice.

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So, the conversation has some sane people inside, someone in the friends tried to give her a better solution for lice and nits. Some other fellow pointed out her boyfriend that the lice can get from him to her head. The solution of that problem he suggested was to get her boyfriend through the same procedure.


Though, her boyfriend appeared at the scene and totally made it all crappy, by calling it off with a line, “Don’t nee a perscraptoion..” I mean, what dude?

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