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Girl blasts two friends for accepting to provide ‘Lewd Services’ to her boyfriend for $20

The story is a bit confusing but if you read every conversation then you start getting some details about this cheating incident which happened through messenger. Cheating someone is definitely not something to be appreciated as it leaves the other person vulnerable for some time. Cheating can be done only where a faithful trust has already been established. Tearing apart that trust is not something which is suitable for any human.

This girl blasts two of her friends on social media for attempting to provide their services to her boyfriend for merely $20. The boyfriend somehow revealed the offerings of these girls to her girlfriend through screenshots and then the girl blasts all the planners in a single Facebook post. It’s not yet clear that if the boyfriend was also involved in the scheme, or not. It’s possible that the boyfriend became scared enough of the girl who offered him her services, that because of fear of getting blackmailed at a later stage, he revealed the entire story to his girlfriend.

Now, it’s not clear that who’s talking to whom, but definitely, the screenshots seem like coming from the boyfriend. The red colour shows his girlfriend’s name which has been censored for obvious reasons. The orange colour shows the girl who was agreeing to her services.

The screenshot likely was taken from the smartphone of the girl agreeing for services!

The last screenshot seems to be obtained from the smartphone of the friend of the guy’s girlfriend. Now, it appears as if the girl was himself trying to snitch on the guy, and now it’s a big question that how this last screenshot ended up with the girlfriend of the guy. This picture seems to be taken from the smartphone of the friend willing to provide services.

In the above screenshots, it looks like the dude himself is sending his conversation with the girl, agreeing to give him services, to his girlfriend. Why would he snitch on himself? Maybe he’s loyal or he is trying to cover up his blunder.

Warning: Ahead this point, two or three girls are fighting with each other and are using adult language. Reader discretion is advised!

These girls are now ranting and the girlfriend is trying to accuse them of their mistakes. The logic is quite low and I am finding it hard to make any sense.

The girls are having some time with each other, each one is trying to make the other feel a taste of dirt and slime.

With all the colour markups being used against the names, it’s getting hell confusing to keep apace with the story. So let’s end it here and leave it on you to make a detailed sense.

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