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Girl blasts women who want ‘gender equality’ & also want men’s chivalry in winter

This girl has just tried to talk about the reality and she isn’t ashamed of talking bluntly on the internet for a second. Obviously, the internet is a place which gives a platform to anyone to post and publish anything due to which recently there came a storm of internet popular celebrities. There are many people who earned their fame just because of the internet, not only the internet is a positive thing but it can prove to be negative as well, the outcome completely depends upon the person.

This girl along with a bunch of other people tried to talk about gender equality on the internet. The girl blasted all the women who ask chivalry along with the gender equality. The conversation might seem a bit bizarre to our readers but it’s right on the point and quite funny.

Someone posted this meme on his profile.

The picture clearly shows that the female is finding it hard to cope with the cold weather and she actually needs a jacket or hoodie. The guy on the other side is quite popular and almost everyone among us knows him, so he’s kind of ignoring the girl. Now, memes can sometimes be useless, the main point is not about the guy ignoring the girl.

The response of the people below this memes makes it kind of a goldmine of comments. The comments might feel absurd to some people but let’s take it in a sense of humour, nothing more than that or nothing lesser.


The caption came from some other person who thought the comment was made from a rare unicorn, surprisingly the comment is from a female. This might seem like an awkward entry but yet this happened.

Had to censor that Byach word! Peace out guys! This girl might be wrong too…

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