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Girl calls guy “Future Sugar Daddy” & fools him in a blatant attempt for benefits

Oh, that was one hell of a conversation shared by a guy for the internet to read and enjoy. He met some girl who was trying to talk him into a relationship. She invited her as her own “Future Sugar Daddy” which is indeed a luxurious status to enjoy. There can be certain downfalls to it like falling in the friend zone can be one of the aspects or getting fooled can be the other dark side.

After reading the conversation you’ll understand that the sole purpose of the girl was to get cookies for her and the roommates. She had no interest in the guy, but the guy was more clever than the girl.

The messages start with a random and casual request. The girl is seeking some cookies for herself and the roommates. She doesn’t want any hassle so that’s why she is trying hard to find an easy prey.

The guy then asks the girl to trade a date for every purchase she wanted to make. The girl openly offers the guy to be her own Sugar Daddy. So, she makes a deal for a date in order to get cookies.

The girl then asks the quantity of the cookies which the guy is willing to offer to the girl in exchange for a date. The girl is thinking that she can easily make a fool out of the guy but the guy, on the other hand, is sharper than expected.

He thought of a better plan to cope the girl and her needs. He decided to take a u-turn meanwhile the girl is thinking that the guy hasn’t placed any order. However, in actual the guy has placed the order and the details of the order can be seen in the screenshots below, now you know the meaning of the last rant of the girl in the text messages.

It’s quite a funny conversation and I don’t know any reason for you to not share this to your friends on Facebook. Come’n sharing is free!

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