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Girl claims that her horse weighs 15,000 pounds & starts a rant with her girlfriend calling her dumb

A horse can weight 15,000 pounds and my whole life I couldn’t know this amazing fact. I could have bought a horse instead of that ball wrecker to punish an entire building for standing on an illegal territory. The fact that I didn’t know about horses before this lady rant is quite eerie, maybe I was living in delusion the entire lifetime and there might be other facts worth knowing from her too?

Alright, let’s leave it aside and I’ll leave the decision on to my audience. They say that a nation’s verdict is the sweetest verdict, (actually I said so, right now). So, what so ever you’ll decide about this lady and her claim, I’ll accept that whole heartedly.

So, this girl starts a chat with her girl-friend and claims to have quite a heavy horse. So, she told her that her horse had broken her toes, how? The horse stepped on her toes and broke them. In upcoming messages of reasoning, she told her friend that her horse weighs around 15,000 pounds.

Now, this claim is quite shocking and then just to back her claim up she started making other arguments. She told her friend that she was the real dumb there, not her. She even said that the internet isn’t a reliable source of information, well that is correct but again, that depends upon how a person relates to the internet provided information.

The weight of a horse? In that case, the internet can be trusted. Even the record-breaking weight of a horse on the internet might be correct.

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