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Girl declares english people a minority & praises muslims taking over

Looks like this girl has a problem with white people and that is why she is declaring them a minority. Well declaring people something on the basis of colour is not something good and same goes for religion as well. Everyone must be thought a human first and must not be segregated on the basis of colours, creed or religion.

So this girl finds a picture of people saying a prayer in a foreign country other than their homeland. The picture shows a group of Muslims praying at Marble Arch in London. N, it is a good thing that a country is allowing the foreigners to do and follow their own religion without any oppressive attitude. But this girl looks like a pessimist because she is not looking at the bright side but rather she is celebrating a long before wanted wish. One of her followers also replies to the tweet that the English people are afraid of becoming a minority because of the atrocities which they carried out on other people belonging to minorities. This girl also follows the trend and endorsed him in positive. It is a fact worth knowing that Islamabad is the capital of Pakistan. And Pakistan is well known as a Muslim country but I don’t think it is a bad idea to allow minorities follow their religion in a country where other religions are more adopted then Islam.

Not all the Muslims in the picture must be belonging to Pakistan since there are other Muslim countries in the world too. What do you think? Was the attitude of the girl right? Do you make any sense out of her claims? Shouldn’t we be the flag bearers of peace and minorities protection?

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