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Girl gets insecure & angry after failing to understand guy’s joke made on her “Legs-day Pants”

Girls can sometimes fail to comprehend the joke and this snap story messaging is a live example of such a thing. The chances of misunderstanding a joke are far greater if it’s being made by a guy. Something similar happened to this girl who showed off her legs day the on snap story which turned into a fight with the guy.

Uploading gym snaps on Snapchat and adding random stories about daily life has become a norm in today’s society. People have found a new way to talk to their friends and girlfriends using snap & chat. Snapchat has introduced personal chat along with stories feed.

This girl uploaded her legs day picture on her snapchat story for her followers. This guy who happened to be her friend, replied to her story, “What Legs?“. Imagine working hard with exercise and then someone says, “Oh! these muscles aren’t built much.” You’ll be angry, for sure. The girl took his message in the same context and decided to teach him a lesson.

Such a long reply and the guy ended the entire misunderstanding in one line. I think you didn’t get the joke either. The girl was, in fact, wearing camouflage pants. So, the guy meant that there were no legs in the picture which she uploaded in her snapchat story.

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