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Girl gets shut up call after she rants on guys for zero communication skills & ignorance

Relationships are indeed a complex thing and they require a lot of investment both in shape of time as well as the feelings. A relationship cannot progress well if the participants of it are not willing to make compromises and understand each other. The understanding which is an essential part of any relationship can prove to be both detrimental as well as beneficial but the important part of an understanding is the communication. This girl on Twitter rants on guys for having zero communication skill in a relationship. She has a valid argument when she says that the guys do not have any excuse for having low communication in any relationship since she has seen them shouting during the gameplay meanwhile telling their partner the place of the bomb.

The rant!

The screenshot of this tweet made its way onto the Facebook and a guy in reply to this specific message gave her an instant shut up call. However, the story on the Twitter is totally different and the followers of the girl I actually supported her for thinking about this noble cause of ranting on the boys for paying least attention to communication in any relationship.

There were different opinions of different people on the tweet of the girl and there was this one guy in the entire thread who said that because he was socially awkward that is why he didn’t even play video games, so what he meant was that communicating with a girl was something far beyond his station, as he least cared about it to happen.

Girl supporting and guys negating the tweet!

The girls obviously were supporting the tweet. What do you think about this major topic? Do you think that the guys sometimes lack communication or they lack the interest to communicate?

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