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Girl justifies pregnant woman getting drunk & doing anything, in a Twitter rant

There are quite a lot of “do’es and don’ts” when a woman gets pregnant for sake of the new coming baby. Since it’s a biological process and a sort of natural evolution, so any absurd act can actually hurt the child. Care must be taken as a person having contented approach in every aspect of life can earn more benefits than someone being extreme in the most cases. I think that is why we are widely told this long-lasting lesson, “Look before you leap!

These users were sharing some opinions about the pregnant women. The conversation was started by a woman who herself was pregnant and later other followers of her tried to comment their own opinions. The original and basic tweet thread was deleted before we could have a look at it.

Looks like the initial tweet was about someone getting worried about mothers-to-be dying their hair. So, this pregnant woman, Sabrina Bellie tweeted a logical reply that a dye cannot hurt a baby.

The last girl has, however, a clear opinion about the do’s and don’ts and she shared her opinion on a rant. According to her, the woman must have a right to decide. She is right about the rights of the woman but it doesn’t mean that one should start to cause herself bodily harm because it is not a manifestation of the attainment of rights.

The followers of the thread were of the similar opinion, they commented that rights have their own place in life but making a stupid choice is something else which couldn’t be justified in the names of rights. What do you think?

PS. The girl on the left in the thumbnail of the article is the girl behind the first tweet who made a positive opinion about wig and dyes, the rest pictures are kept hidden for reason.

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