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Girl looking for a DATE, wants someone ‘to be able to EAT constantly’

Tinder is a platform where people sign up and make their profiles in search of a match. There are also pranksters who make profiles in order to achieve some fun. The point being that on social media there are a lot of people coming from different backgrounds and surely their profile summary is a reflection of such norms and behavior. A dude came across a profile on tinder and the description of that profile was worth sharing and thus without giving a second thought he took a screenshot and shared it on the Reddit.

Reddit it is definitely full of some intelligent people who share different insights about the different matters of life; in a totally different way which often shifts the paradigm of common people. Now you might come to a conclusion that this particular screenshot actually met with a similar fate and people on Reddit were quick to respond to the screenshot and the profile, collectively in a critical manner.

The girl who made the profile and wrote the entire description did not commit a crime as you might think that she deserves some rebuking but since it was funny enough for the social media users to crack some jokes and point out the nifty mistakes. So she needs someone who might have a regular craving for food or eating, and there might be some users who may take the description in a totally different dimension, “the constant eating.”

Do you think that you are doing to be fine with such requirements? The people of Tinder gave her the name of a GILF. Now, this is a technical name and only people with a witty approach are going to understand it in more detail.

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